What can I study on a Student Visa?

University Studies

they allow you to obtain a globally recognised degree: Bachelor degree or Master degree or MBA (Master of Business Administration) or PHD. You can study these programs in public or private universities, as well as private schools

Vocational Training

these courses are more practical-oriented than university studies and some can be really flexible to allow you time to work (2-days lectures per week) and affordable (from $1500/term). It encompasses Certificates, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas. A vast number of areas are covered by these courses: mainly trade careers, Sports, Business, Massage, Webdesign etc

English Language Courses

intensive courses from Monday to Friday which will allow you to quickly improve your English level, to prepare for a specific exam (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge), or to specialise yourself in a specific domain: English for Business, English for Health Professionals etc..

What are my work conditions on a Student Visa?

The website immi.gov.au indicates that the student Visa allows you to work 40h per fortnight and without limitation during your school holidays

How long does it take for a student Visa to be granted?

The student Visa in Australia generally takes between 1 week and 3 months to be granted, according to your country of citizenship. It is better to anticipate and apply for your visa well in advance, in case they ask you for some further documentation or medical exams

Can I work immediately on a Student Visa?

Your work right activates itself from your first day of school in Australia. If your Visa is granted before your start date, you will have to wait before you start to work

Can I leave the country on a student Visa?

You can leave Australia and come back whenever you want, as long as your Student Visa is still valid. It is a multiple Travel Visa, which means you’re not limited in terms of travel, as long as your respect your student visa conditions

How expensive is life in Australia? How much should I expect to spend per week/per month?

Rents and fancy places can become relatively expensive in Australia, while food prices stay correct. You have to expect between $1500 and $1800 per month to live correctly. For further information about living costs in Australia, click here

How much is the Student Visa?

The student visa costs $535 for the first time you apply from Australia or offshore. If you lodge 2 subsequent applications onshore, the Visa fees will be increased by $700, and so will reach $1235

Can I switch my tourist Visa or WHV for a Student Visa from Australia?

The www.border.gov.au website indicates that it is possible to convert a tourist Visa or a WHV into a student Visa as long as your country of citizenship is allowed to and you respect all the conditions. You will need to check if your country is in Assessment Level 1 or not and check if you have the “No Further Stay” condition on your actual Visa

Am I eligible for transport discounts with my Student Card?

Your student Card doesn’t give you access to transport discounts in the big cities, except Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and Darwin, but you can enjoy promotional prices at Cinemas, events, museums, fairs, exhibitions etc..

Is it recommended to apply for a health insurance?

In order to be granted your student visa, it is compulsory to subscribe to the International Student Health Cover (OSHC). Even if you already have insurance, the Australian Department of Immigration will only consider the OSHC when you lodge your Student Visa application. It is strongly recommended to apply for an extra health cover for everything related to dental, ophthalmology, public liabilities, etc…

What is an ABN?

ABN or Australian Business Number gives you a self-entrepreneur status. With this ABN you can work as a free lancer and invoice your clients. You will be paid in gross and will have to organise your taxes at the end of the financial year. It is an interesting solution if you work in areas such as Design, IT, Web, Massage etc…


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